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A contemporary art exhibition

The group exhibition METAMORPHILIA-METAMORPHOBIA opened at Riga Cultural Center Kaņepe. It showed the works of six international artists and offered a cross-section of the technical variety and conceptual vibrancy that makes up the Berlin art scene.


The artists, who hail from different countries, currently live and work in Berlin and are part of WerkStadt. In the exhibition they explored the tension between the desire for changing from one state to the next and the inseparable and pervasive anxiety to stay.


The presented works differed in the medium and ranged from kinetic sculptures, thru radiant pictures, detailed drawings, playful videos to pseudo-scientific visual experiments. The artists found their inspiration their own cultural background, technological developments and global visions of the future. Visitors to this exhibition were invited to come to terms on an elementary level with their own fears about the future. The exhibition was on view until November 28, 2014.


Background information

The expertise of the WerkStadt in networking in art communities was and will be used to create a lasting collaboration among artists across the continent. 


After a preparatory phase in 2013, eight artists participated in this group exhibition, displaying their artworks to audiences in conjunction with the larger framework of the various European iterations of October Children's Month.


Our primary goals was to start an engaging artistic dialogue in European cultural capitals (i.e. San Sebastian, Riga); and within the institutional framework of such a pan-European project, to put a spotlight on the forward thinking concepts and ideas of contemporary art.


In the years to come the WerkStadt will organize and produce more such exhibition as well as publish a catalogue.


Curator: Jason Benedict
Project Management: Chris Benedict & Nadine Lorenz


The traveling exhibition was financially supported by the EU (Programm EACEA) within the framework of The European October Children's Month.

Metamophilia Metamorphobia - Catalogue