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KinderKulturMonat Berlin

KinderKulturMonat is a cultural campaign for children from 4 to 12 year, who for the month of October enjoy free art and culture in Berlin. We want to encourage children and their (grand)parents to visit and discover the many cultural places in their city. During the month of October the participating museums, theaters, opera houses, studios, concert halls, project rooms and galleries offer them a free and child-friendly program with special workshops, tours, exhibitions and performances. The concentration of all these activities in KinderKulturMonat facilitates people to find them and, at the same time, to increase awareness of the manifold offers of cultural education in public awareness.

Each year we are pleased to welcome more than 3.500 visitors to our events in Berlin. In October 2017 there will be more than 100 events all over Berlin at 64 different cultural locations and - for the first time - we can present the KinderKulturMonat in each of Berlin’s 12 districts. Registration starts August 28, 2017 on this website.



The participating cultural locations develop and implement events especially for KinderKulturMonat. These take place every weekend in October. For an entire month, cultural education is the core activity – and available for all children in this city!


Free admission for children and many exciting interactive programs turn October a big family celebration. All imaginable facets of art and culture can be actively experienced. From opera singing to ballet dancing, from making films to creating Halloween masks, from learning Chinese to playing the trumpet – in October anything can happen!


KinderKultur-Parcours supplement the weekend events and are geared for whole classes and as an open vacation program (talentCAMPus Neukölln). Artists, the KinderKultur-Guides, take students to several cultural locations where they get to know different areas of art and culture: how and where it originates, how it is presented and where it is stored. Following the visits, the children turn artists themselves and deal with what they have learned in a creative manner. The highlight of each parcours is an exhibition organized by the young artists themselves. Here they present their art works to a broad public and are awarded a KinderKultur-Diploma.


The idea hails from the Netherlands, where the children's cultural month has been organized in four provinces since 2001. The successful pilot project in Berlin in October 2012, proved the transferability of the campaign's simple Join-In-Concept. Taking this into account the European Commission supported us in finding two further twin cities, Riga in Latvia and San Sebastián in Spain. Since October 2013, they have organized "October Children's Month" or "Hip Hip Urri! ' as it is called in Spain.



Openness and understanding of cultural creativity is one of the prerequisites for a society in which culture is to play an important role. The future of our society lies with its youngest members. Therefore, we believe that children should have the opportunity to get in touch with culture early on and learn to express themselves creatively.
This should happen in favor of an understanding of the value of culture in society, but especially for the future of the individual child. To achieve this, we want to help breaking down existing barriers, launch a targeted publicity campaign.



KinderKulturMonat is a project by WerkStadt Kultur e.V. located in Berlin's neighborhood Körnerkiez in Neukölln. WerkStadt is a non-profit arts organization promoting contemporary art and propelling forward art discourse through innovative, non-commercial events, curated exhibitions and art projects. Thanks to a creative and motivated team, WerkStadt has developed into a meeting place for young artists in recent years.


As a platform for art and art education, our association stands for cultural exchange. With our projects we take responsibility for friendly coexistence in our neigborhood and offers artists, people interested in culture and neighbors a sophisticated art program.



Please don't hesitate to contact us via email (, phone (030 / 51634858) or subscribe to our newsletter (in German language).